Monday, September 10, 2012

Silver Could Hit $50/oz

by Shayne Heffernan

The precious metal boom that was cut short in 2011 could be making a strong comeback in late 2012 and over the next few years. The metal to keep a watchful eye on is silver. Analysts and precious metal experts are in harmony on predictions of silver surpassing $50/oz. and gold edging above $1,900/oz by as early as year end.

Investing in silver ahead of the future outlook for both the global economy and manufacturing sector could prove to be very rewarding. 2011 marked the end to a bullish few years which made a lot of people very wealthy. While gold is still expensive, silver is the commodity that investors should be paying special attention to. Silver in relation to gold is priced substantially lower; it's undervalued and is expected to respond bullishly over the next few years.

Those who don't currently invest in silver should at least be gathering all the information they can. Current precious metal investors have already shifted their support and focus on the white metal amid global cues and its exceptional properties with continuing limited supply. In short, precious metals should be a part of everyone's investment portfolio; it's all about diversification.

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"Most people miss out on precious metal market booms and investing in silver because of uncertainty and lack of information. Potential wealth creation is all about the long term outlook with the right position and knowledge," said Stephen Smith, managing member of Smith McKenna, LLC.

Silver has both usage as an industrial metal and value as a precious commodity; making it sensitive to the economic outlook and global manufacturing. Silver has large ties and demand in the pharma industry, solar panel production and electronics. Limited bullion supply, increased demand and global easing could send the price of silver into the clouds.

As a society we're just not as educated on precious metals as an investment source. The banking industry and Wall Street want to remain in the spotlight, but they often have their own hidden agendas. According to Smith, "Silver could perform stronger and be a better investment vehicle than your IRA/401k."

Last week's Q2 2012 Euro GDP report showed expected economist predictions with little impact on the silver market. Analysts are still expecting further easing amid high interest rates, debt crises, budget cuts, and limited spending. Money printing and easing could once again send precious silver and gold on a wild ride to new highs.

Silver was seen around $28/oz last month with analysts holding to their notions of silver sitting on the cusp of a strong rebound. There's a reason why investors are currently shifting their focus and doing their homework on precious silver. Its value ratio to gold is heavily skewed and stimulus efforts and economic rebounding could prove to be the recipe that silver has been patiently waiting for.

Silver is a historical form of currency and store of value. Precious metals are a physical asset meaning they are not manufactured but rather limited in supply, making their value exceptionally strong. Owning physical silver is one of the keys to investing in the white metal, staying away from ETFs, Futures and Options.


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